We treat each person, not the label, with dignity and respect

In the world of psychology when someone has a problem it is labeled a “disorder”.  The word “disorder” stigmatizes the person.  Why is it a “disorder” to go through a hurricane or tornado and worry that another one could occur at any time?  Why is it a “disorder” to have your vehicle hit by an IED while deployed and have nightmares about the event?  Why is it a “disorder” to be on the lookout for more bad events to occur?  The psychology community calls it a “disorder” because the effects only happens to a small percentage of people.  This is not true.  Most of us are affected by these events.  I believe a person who is not affected by these events has much bigger problems.  

The insurance companies require therapists to use the “disorder” label when billing insurances.  They’re aware that labels stigmatize and this stigma discourages people from seeking help.  It saves the insurance companies millions of dollars and millions of people suffer unnecessarily with the effects.  

There are very good reasons people struggle with depression, anxiety, posttraumatic stress, etc. At Professional Counseling Service we want to remove the label and the stigma of seeking help.  We treat each person, not the label, with dignity and respect.  We offer many strategies to overcome struggles.  We encourage you, while in your struggles, fight against the label and the stigma and seek help.  

Jeffrey Robbins, President, LCSW