In the day and age that we live in there are many events that can bring us to the point of tears and even crying, but we fight them back.  When we can’t, many of us are quick to apologize.  Why are we driven to hold back tears and apologize when we can’t?  Are we doing something wrong? Are we showing weakness?  I’ve seen people in my office apologize.  I’ve seen people in church and even on TV apologize.  

God gave us all emotions for several reasons.  Crying helps us to flush out toxins.  It removes bacteria.  It improves vision.  It relieves stress.  A 2008 study from the University of South Florida found crying can be self-soothing and elevate mood better than any antidepressant.  It can improve communication.  Crying can show what words cannot express.

When we cry we are not being weak.  It is just the opposite we are being strong.  To have a full range of emotion is a strength.  I’ve heard people say that they don’t cry because they want to be strong for their children or their family.  Teaching our children that it is good to cry at times, by being the example will help them far more in life than showing no emotion.  

I encourage you to fight against societal and family’s beliefs about crying.  I encourage you to be strong and be a leader.  Demonstrate to others that it is healthy to have tears.  Show them what real strength is!  O how our world would be so much better if we all learned to better embrace our emotions.  

Jeffrey Robbins, President, LCSW