posttraumatic stress DISORDER (PTSD)

Have you been involved or witnessed a traumatic event? A traumatic event can have a significant impact on your life and family. Some of the signs of posttraumatic stress include recurrent distressing thoughts and dreams about the event, flashbacks and feeling like you are reliving the event, going to great lengths to avoid memories about the event, withdraw from family and friends, difficulty expressing positive feelings, outbursts of anger, hypervigilance, startled easily, and problems with concentration and sleeping.

Our licensed therapists at Professional Counseling Service understand that these signs are a normal response to trauma. It is very common to even blame yourself for the event. We provide a safe, confidential, and non-judgmental environment to help remove the negative impact that the event is having on your life.


Call us at 254.526.7272, we take most insurances. If you are active duty military a referral from an on-post physician is needed. If you are not active duty you don't have to have a referral from a physician. We can get the insurance referral for you. Posttraumatic stress is treatable. You deserve a better tomorrow, today.