Active Duty Tricare Prime Dependents:

No costs. You don't have to be referred by military personnel! You call us, find the counselor you want and we will get you authorization. 

Active Duty Tricare Prime: 

No Costs. You do need your doctor or mental health personnel to make a referral. Call us and select a counselor and the referral will be made to that counselor. 

Retired Tricare Prime:

$30 co-payment. If you have a second insurance, that will cover your co-payment after the deductible has been met with that insurance. 

Retired Tricare for Life and Medicare:

No Costs. No authorization required.

Private Insurance:

We accept most insurance programs. There is usually a deductible and co-payment that your insurance company sets. We can help you find out your costs. 

Scott & White Health Plan:

We are providers and your co-payment varies. Starting at $25 depending on your plan. Just call for your appointment. 

Military One Source:

Call them (800-342-9647) and ask for a referral to the counselor you pick. We take care of the rest. No cost to you. 

Employee Assistance Program (EAP):

Your company may have an EAP. We are providers for the most of them, so pick your counselors and call for a referral. No cost to you. 

Private Pay:

Normal fees are $150 for the first session and $100 per session thereafter with payment plans. Some counselors may provide reduced payments.