Do you worry about many events or activities in your life? Do you find it difficult to manage the worry? Do you feel restless, keyed up, or on edge? Do you have difficulties sleeping and feel tired all the time? Do you feel irritable? Do you have dificulty concentrating or your mind going blank?

If you answered yes to most of these questions than you may be struggling with anxiety. Anxiety is the most common problem we face in this stressful world that we live in. Many choose just to suffer with anxiety rather than seeking help, but you don't have to.

Our licensed therapists at Professional Counseling Service understand this struggle. There are many good reasons a person is anxious. With help you can overcome all of your worries. We provide a safe, confidential, and non-judgmental environment to help you resolve the core conflict that is the source of your worry and begin enjoying life again.


Call us at 254.526.7272 for therapy in Killeen. We take most insurances. In most cases you don't have to see a doctor to get a referral. We can get the insurance referral for you. Anxiety is treatable. You deserve a better tomorrow, today.