When we experience hurts from others, so often we are instructed to “forgive, let it go and move on.” What does that really mean to forgive? How do we just let go of a hurt? How can we just say it’s okay when we have been wronged? The answers lie in the way in which we choose to define forgiveness. The act of forgiveness is NOT about excusing someone else’s behavior. It is NOT about saying that the infraction was acceptable, or didn’t matter. It is NOT about suppressing the way we feel about the situation. It is NOT about leaving ourselves open to further hurts.
 Forgiveness IS about taking our power back!

It IS about acknowledging the hurt and grieving through it. It IS about giving the person responsibility for their actions but no longer allowing their actions to dictate our thoughts and choices, as we move forward to healthier, happier chapters in our lives. Forgiveness IS about saying that we no longer choose to carry the burden of someone else’s choices, actions, or mistakes. Forgiveness IS about the courage to set ourselves free!

Wishing You Much Health,
Jaime Jones, LCSW,CCH/AC